Do you have the idea for the next killer website, mobile app, or web application?

Does your business have a major software initiative but you don’t know where to start?

We are your experts to help you build your project blueprint!

To build your dream house you don’t start with hiring a construction crew, but instead your first step is to hire an architect to build you a detailed blueprint. The same first step holds true in software development.  SourceBold builds software project blueprints for you, to create a shared vision for building the final project.

A successful software blueprint is similar in nature to a blueprint for a house. It includes a formal requirements document outlining all the specs that the software project will contain and this is coupled with an actual mock-up of the website or mobile app. The final product allows you to visually walk through the website or mobile app, just as a blueprint of a house lets you see the full layout of the entire floor plan.

The blueprint that SourceBold delivers to you is 100% yours. After we build a blueprint we encourage customers to get bids on it from various development firms, just as you would from various general contractors with a house.

Entreprenuers who build blueprints often find it helpful in raising venture capital, as the blueprint doesn’t cost much to build but lets the investors easily see the full vision of what you want to build.

Blueprints also save money. Making a change to your idea in blueprint phase can cost one-tenth of making the same change in the development phase.

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