SourceBold offers Staff Augmentation services to help you grow your current development team in response to key business objectives or projects.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Wikipedia defines Staff Augmentation as ‘An outsourcing strategy which is used to staff a project and respond to business objectives.’  Staff Augmentation implies you already have a development staff in place and you are expanding your staff to expand a skillset or complete an objective.

Our Staff Agumentation Services

Whether you need a developer for an ongoing project or for just 3 months, SourceBold can help you with outsourced talent. We specialize in finding the right skillset to augment your team and magnify the skills of its existing members. We help you to train your new developer on existing processes and systems to get him or her up to speed as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Outsourced Staff Agumentation

SourceBold’s Outsourced Staff Augmentation lets you quickly hire the top talent required to finish a project for a specific deadline. Hiring an outsourced developer has two primary advantages over hiring a local full-time employee. First, outsourcing saves money and is usually one-half to one-third the cost as hiring the same talent locally, helping you keep projects in budget. Second, outsourcing is a great way to staff a short-term three- or six-month project (such as building a one-time mobile app), without having to then fire the developer when the project is finished.

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